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Mediation is a process used to resolve disputes. A mediator brings parties together to assist them in developing their own solution. It allows the parties to maintain control of their dispute and determine their own agreements. It often is a faster and less expensive way to address differences.

Mediators are neutral, unbiased third parties who facilitate negotiations. They have no interest in the outcome of the conflict.



  Shelley MacEwen, CDR MDR

Ms. MacEwen has been a mediator since 1998. She holds both a Master of Dispute Resolution and Certificate in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdineís Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution. She has also completed family and animal law courses at Pepperdine Law School. She was a mediator with Richard Abbey and Associates. While there she was involved in multi-disciplinary family law mediations including mini-evaluations.

Ms. MacEwen is currently performing animal law mediations and is a consultant in family law issues. Ms. MacEwen also volunteers in small claims at the Simi Valley Court for the Ventura Center for Dispute Settlement. She is also a co-mediator on the Professional Panel in Superior Court in Ventura County.

While in Conciliation Court in Ventura County, she was a senior mediator in training and mediated recommending child custody issues. She also worked for CAMP (California Academy of Mediation Professionals) and was an assistant coordinator for the International Association of Mediators.

Ms. MacEwen currently holds a California Real Estate license and has been involved in real estate transactions for 23 years.

Prior to becoming a mediator she was an Educational Therapist, in private practice for 5 years, specializing in learning disabilities and psychological counseling. She did her Masterís work at Loyola Marymount University where she also earned both K-12 and special education credentials. She earned her B.A. in psychology from U.C.L.A.

In her free time, Ms. MacEwen is a volunteer at a local animal shelter. Her passion is trying to find forever homes for dogs and dedicates a great deal of time at adoption faires. She is determined to prevent dog surrenders due to divorce, neighborhood disputes and dog bites. She will donate a portion of her animal mediation fees to MPC(Malibu Pet Companions), a nonprofit organization offering private veterinary care to shelter animals.

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