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Mediation is a process used to resolve disputes. A mediator brings parties together to assist them in developing their own solution. It allows the parties to maintain control of their dispute and determine their own agreements. It often is a faster and less expensive way to address differences.

Mediators are neutral, unbiased third parties who facilitate negotiations. They have no interest in the outcome of the conflict.





Mediation is a tool available as an alternative to the litigation process. It can be used prior to or during litigation.  We have a method by which parties can resolve their differences while determining their own outcomes and preserve the future of their relationships. It affords an opportunity to resolve disputes in a quick, fair and inexpensive manner.  We believe strongly that our process is less expensive and as important, provides an alternative to the emotionally draining litigation process.

Our attorney has been through the litigation process numerous times, during his thirty-one years of practice, and has settled many cases utilizing the talent and expertise of mediators.   Settlements have always been attained after providing advice to his clients and explaining this process.  In each instance his clients have been satisfied and gratified by the alternative course of action and their ability to avoid the emotional strain and what inevitably would have been protracted and costly litigation.  His practice has involved complex litigation, unfair competition, real property, transactional matters, employee-employer relations, landlord-tenant disputes and personal injury.

Our non attorney mediator has been mediating matters for eleven years.  She specializes in family law cases and has worked in court ordered mediations, recommending the process, and has experience in small claims actions, landlord-tenant disputes as well as real estate matters. In addition to having a Master of Dispute Resolution from the Strauss Institute, she possesses a Certificate in Dispute Resolution with a focus on both domestic and animal law. She is also a licensed real estate agent and was an educational therapist for five years. In her free time, she volunteers at a local animal shelter in order to find homeless animals forever families.

We believe combining the skill of an attorney, who has practiced litigation and been through a multitude of mediations, with a non attorney whose perspective is derived from her conflict resolution courses, mediation expertise, psychological training and life experience brings a fresh new concept to this process.

We offer our services with three options.  You can select our attorney, our non attorney, or both of them.  The third option is a unique concept which affords an opportunity for both cross gender mediation as well as a cross disciplinary approach.   This concept provides both a mediator who comes into the mediation with litigation skills and knowledge of the law, with a mediator who brings negotiation skills and psychological understanding to the table.  With the availability of two mediators, a balance can be reached and neutrality can be assured. The third option is unique and offers both an attorney and non attorney at a lesser billing rate than it would cost for both mediators.

We strongly recommend the mediating parties are prepared, in advance, for the process, familiarized with the process and come with the desire to fairly resolve the matter.  Our document, Preparing for a Successful Mediation, will help you prepare yourself for your participation in this process or, as an attorney, to ready your client for the process. With this information available prior to our clients entering into this process, we anticipate productive sessions with fair and mutually satisfying results.


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