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Disputes Between Landlords and Tenants
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Mediation is a process used to resolve disputes. A mediator brings parties together to assist them in developing their own solution. It allows the parties to maintain control of their dispute and determine their own agreements. It often is a faster and less expensive way to address differences.

Mediators are neutral, unbiased third parties who facilitate negotiations. They have no interest in the outcome of the conflict.


  Disputes Between Landlords and Tenants


Disputes between Landlords and Tenants are common and diverse, but most often involve allegations of nonpayment by tenants, failure of landlords to return security deposits, allegations of code violations against landlords and evictions. These problems should always be address from a standpoint of fairness as well as practicality.

Southern California Mediation Partners (SCMP) helps individuals and their attorneys resolve landlord tenant disputes through use of mediation. We keep landlords and tenants from having to resort to trial to resolve conflicts. Landlords and tenants both have much to lose by taking a dispute to court. The rule of law can be applied much more efficiently and cost-effectively through this method of conflict resolution..

Commercial or residential lease agreements in many cases include provisions requiring mediation or arbitration in the event of a dispute. Our concept allows parties to state their case in a safe and confidential environment such as our Westlake Village offices.

In many cases such as in an urban commercial lease situation, a landlord and tenant need to continue to interact with each other after the dispute is resolved. Resolutions by way of mediation enable the parties to retain working relationships even in the face of serious conflicts.

In many cases these disputes can be resolved creatively without money or displacement from the residence being the only alternative.

 Contact us to learn how we can help you, your business or your client through landlord tenant disputes.

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